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A word from our Founder & CEO

Welcome to FundingStore

We are here to help you - the business to find the advice and funding you need to make your business succeed. Our team have decades of experience working with businesses across a wide range of sectors across the UK.

After 20 + years of advising clients as a Chartered Accountant in practice, I set up FundingStore because I realised how complicated and confusing the whole world of funding can be for a business, especially when it isn't something they do every day. In recent years, this has become even more complex and ironically the internet has made things even more of a mystery for some.

FundingStore has been designed carefully to help you navigate your way through the complex world of funding and finding the right advice.

Please feel free to call us on 01565 756 141 and we will provide you with every assistance.

Nick Montague
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Founder -


Nigel Burns, Director at Independence Telecare

" have been very helpful in us gaining investment in our new business Independence Telecare Limited. We pitched at one of their events and immediately had offers from Venture Capital Organisations for exploratory discussions which are continuing. If you have a good idea and strong financials I would recommend pitching at one of their events."

William O'Brien, Director at WOCO Limited

"I enjoyed the Funding Store Live event, and our pitch has led to follow up discussions with 2 of the 4 panel members with a view to them sharing an investment in our business. I preferred the format to that of other similar events, as we knew a bit about each panel member up front, as opposed to presenting to a larger number of people who may or may not be serious potential investors."